[][src]Trait intrusive_collections::LinkOps

pub unsafe trait LinkOps {
    type LinkPtr: Copy + Eq;
    unsafe fn acquire_link(&mut self, ptr: Self::LinkPtr) -> bool;
unsafe fn release_link(&mut self, ptr: Self::LinkPtr); }

Base trait for link operations.

LinkPtr is the representation of a link pointer. Typically this is NonNull, but compact representations such as u8 or u16 are possible.

Associated Types

type LinkPtr: Copy + Eq

The link pointer type.

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Required methods

Attempts to acquire ownership of a link so that it can be used in an intrusive collection.

If this function succeeds then the intrusive collection will have exclusive access to the link until release_link is called.

Releases ownership of a link that was previously acquired with acquire_link.


An implementation of release_link must not panic.

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impl LinkOps for intrusive_collections::linked_list::LinkOps[src]

type LinkPtr = NonNull<Link>

impl LinkOps for intrusive_collections::rbtree::LinkOps[src]

type LinkPtr = NonNull<Link>

impl LinkOps for intrusive_collections::singly_linked_list::LinkOps[src]

type LinkPtr = NonNull<Link>

impl LinkOps for intrusive_collections::xor_linked_list::LinkOps[src]

type LinkPtr = NonNull<Link>

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